5 things about the ‘Burgh

This past weekend I took a trip to Steeler nation. While in Pittsburgh, I visited a few local shops, dined with friends, and enjoyed the night life. Here are 5 things you need to know before planning your trip.

1. Not a cab town
Contrary to popular belief, all large cities are not cab towns. When traveling to Pittsburgh, make sure you map out where you’re going and how you plan to get there. Conveniences such as Uber, Hailo, and Car2Go are non existent. Tip: If you find a cab you like, get their number; it’ll come in handy when you’re in need of a cab later.
2. House party central
There is a big house party culture here. People tend to host large parties in their homes. With regard to bars and clubs, patrons are allowed to smoke inside so be prepared to smell like an ash tray if you’re going clubbing. Drink prices are reasonable when compared to other large cities. The going rate for a decent vodka and cranberry was about $5.
3. Strangers with candy
Generally speaking, the people of Pittsburgh are eager to help. Whether asking for a brunch destination, a nice spot to shake your tush, or if you’re just into befriending random strangers; you shouldn’t have any problems.
4. Booze
Alcoholics, social drinkers, and everyone else in between; pay attention. The liquor stores are all state owned and operated. You can only buy liquor from 9am-9pm, all of the prices are exactly the same at each store, and you can’t buy liquor on Sundays so get enough Saturday night to last. Many of the restaurants allow you to bring your own booze. Tip: You usually can call ahead to see if the spot you’re headed to offers this option.
5. There’s a lot to do
I wasn’t able to experience all of the ‘Burgh in my short time but my lovely hosts recommended visiting Mt. Washington for great views of the city and checking out the specialty shops for items such as cured meats and cheeses.

Pittsburgh is a cool place to visit. It’s the home of Heinz ketchup, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and RuPaul’s drag race winner Sharon needles. Don’t let the hilly terrain or cold weather deter you, Pittsburgh has a lot to offer.


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