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You Wanna Live Fancy? Party In France? You Better Find Deals B!@#$

Welcome to the wonderful world of TravelZoo, the best travel website around. If you are unfamiliar with this website prepare to be amazed.

My first encounter with TravelZoo was back in 2011 when I was deciding on a trip to Las Vegas. Now, as many of you know flights to Vegas are not cheap, especially not from the East Coast. I had a close friend forward me an email with a bunch of deals listed and highlighted that she found a roundtrip flight out of Baltimore to Las Vegas for $150! $1-5-0! What is this wonderful deal website she sent me? Could it be a fake? I was skeptical at first, until I followed the path to freedom. TravelZoo sent me to a special airline website where I found loads and loads of $150 roundtrip flights. How did I not see this? Where were these the last time I was looking? Without hesitation, I found the timeframe I wanted (Columbus Weekend mind you), booked, and never looked back.

From that day in 2011 TravelZoo has been my go-to website for all deals and not just travel. I have booked numerous spa days, party buses, wineries, brunches, dinners, shows. Here are some examples (just to name a few): Michael Jackson’s One Cirque Soleil in Vegas only $120 middle section second row? BAM, another trip to Vegas for 4th of July? Why yes $150 AGAIN? BAM, Party Bus around 4 clubs in Vegas $39? BAM, ski-weekend in Canaan Valley for two nights all lift and ski rental included for only $249 for two people? BAM Need I go on?

I hope you take my advice and seek out TravelZoo. Go right now and sign up for Deals, Local Deals, and get the TravelZoo Weekly Top 20 where I find most of the flight deals! (recent experience: $220 roundtrip nonstop on Virgin America to San Fran brought you by TravelZoo).


Who Doesn’t Love A Good Deal?

Our friends at Groupon are running a promotion for Starbucks. Pay $5 for a $10 Starbucks Card eGift to use on whatever tasty treats your heart desires. Click here for the deal and live klassily.