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Three Poisons That Kill Friendships

3 Poisons That Kill Friendships

We’ve all been there; lines are crossed, motives are questioned, and the ebbs & flows of friendship are starting to make you sick to your stomach. Your friend who was once nothing short of a “sister” has you feeling like you’re trapped playing the role of Cinderella, opposite Evil Step Sister.

Here are three poisons that should never come into play on your quest to salvage your friendship and live klassily ever after:

1. Jealousy

There is no room for jealousy in a friendship. Uplifting each other should be a priority. When you feel jealously brewing, don’t project your feelings; look within for a resolution. Consider yourself lucky for having such a great friend. Ask yourself, “why am I unhappy admiring someone else’s brilliance?” or take it a step further, plan a Starbucks date and ask your friend how they became so brilliant.

2. Hidden Agendas

Trying to coddle opportunities to advance your own hidden agendas never ends well. Ask yourself, “do my actions show sincere commitment?” In the event you find yourself going down a divergent path, support and honesty should be the first things you offer. Explore ways you can leverage your divergent paths for the greater good of the friendship.

3. Self Loathe

When you are self-loathing and receive validation from others’ despair; nothing good shall come to you. Get to the bottom of why you are not happy with yourself and address those issues. Learn to validate yourself. No matter the circumstance, always exude positive energy. The return on investment received from being positive is exponentially greater than what you’d get back from being negative.

We all have our own flaws, letting them destroy our friendships or relationships is a choice. When the scope of your friendship is rife with poison, it doesn’t take long for people to find a sure-fire way to exit stage left. Keep it real. Channel your jealous feelings, hidden agendas, and self loathe into motivation to be a better person.