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Keep It Real

Often we get so caught up in what feels good & what looks good. We’re willing to live a lie just because its convenient or its what society tells us is acceptable, this is not sustainable.

Learn to embrace your reality regardless of the outcome. Be strong enough to face the facts. If you’re not “keeping it real” with yourself, what makes you think people will keep it real with you???

Take a quick moment to sit down with yourself, your loved ones, your higher power and release the truth. Be strong, be true, be you!!!


Don’t let Halloween be the only day you find joy


Halloween, the only holiday where being a whore is acceptable. It’s the only holiday where you can be whatever you desire without the fear of being judged. Why though? Why not accept everyone for who they really are?

The guy who dressed as Miley Cyrus was a hit today, but tomorrow as he suits up in his regular ensemble; he probably won’t receive nearly as much praise.

Today, tomorrow and next year be whoever you want to be! Life’s way too short not to be open minded to all colors, all styles, all personalities, and sexual preferences. Don’t let Halloween be the only day you find joy in the differences of the world.


Dating is Like Soul Searching


It’s like searching for that one specific star in the night sky that appears to be different from the others. It’s like solving the toughest math problem hoping for the right answer.

Before even attempting to pursue someone you really have to be in love with yourself. Dating is like soul searching. Be confident in you! Because without that sense of self worth, you’re basically setting yourself up for failure. You’re setting yourself up to run into a dead end, head on collision, near death experience.

Be smart. Be faithful and don’t be so afraid to love. Remember, dating doesn’t always have to be the infamous “Hell Date” experience. Be you! Be positive! Be true!

-Jennifer Bellamy