You Wanna Live Fancy? Party In France? You Better Find Deals B!@#$

Welcome to the wonderful world of TravelZoo, the best travel website around. If you are unfamiliar with this website prepare to be amazed.

My first encounter with TravelZoo was back in 2011 when I was deciding on a trip to Las Vegas. Now, as many of you know flights to Vegas are not cheap, especially not from the East Coast. I had a close friend forward me an email with a bunch of deals listed and highlighted that she found a roundtrip flight out of Baltimore to Las Vegas for $150! $1-5-0! What is this wonderful deal website she sent me? Could it be a fake? I was skeptical at first, until I followed the path to freedom. TravelZoo sent me to a special airline website where I found loads and loads of $150 roundtrip flights. How did I not see this? Where were these the last time I was looking? Without hesitation, I found the timeframe I wanted (Columbus Weekend mind you), booked, and never looked back.

From that day in 2011 TravelZoo has been my go-to website for all deals and not just travel. I have booked numerous spa days, party buses, wineries, brunches, dinners, shows. Here are some examples (just to name a few): Michael Jackson’s One Cirque Soleil in Vegas only $120 middle section second row? BAM, another trip to Vegas for 4th of July? Why yes $150 AGAIN? BAM, Party Bus around 4 clubs in Vegas $39? BAM, ski-weekend in Canaan Valley for two nights all lift and ski rental included for only $249 for two people? BAM Need I go on?

I hope you take my advice and seek out TravelZoo. Go right now and sign up for Deals, Local Deals, and get the TravelZoo Weekly Top 20 where I find most of the flight deals! (recent experience: $220 roundtrip nonstop on Virgin America to San Fran brought you by TravelZoo).


A Message For Veterans: Thank You…

There’s nothing I could ever say or do to repay the countless deceased, and the almost 22 million living veterans that have put their lives on the line to protect me and those I love.

From the sands of Iraq, through the bitter cold of Korea, and the placid waters of the Pacific; you all have done more than many could ever imagine. I could never repay you for your selflessness, but I will forever be thankful.



Keep It Real

Often we get so caught up in what feels good & what looks good. We’re willing to live a lie just because its convenient or its what society tells us is acceptable, this is not sustainable.

Learn to embrace your reality regardless of the outcome. Be strong enough to face the facts. If you’re not “keeping it real” with yourself, what makes you think people will keep it real with you???

Take a quick moment to sit down with yourself, your loved ones, your higher power and release the truth. Be strong, be true, be you!!!


There’s More To Life Than Being Cool

We’ve all seen them: They wear the latest fashions, they speak the latest lingo, and they listen to the “coolest” music. If you’re lucky, they’ll say hi to you or even grace you with their presence. Consider yourself lucky if they invite you to one of their exclusive events. If you sell your soul, they may welcome you into their group. But do you really want to be apart of that group?

The “cool kid” group seems like the way to go for so many people. They seem to be the most beautiful people and do the “coolest” things. But if you dive deeper into their personas, you may be surprised to find that some of them are actually mean spirited, ego inflated , and even bullies. While this may not be the case for all cool kids, it certainly represents quite a few. Don’t expect to grow, expand your knowledge, or be a better person if you surround yourself by social climbers who have no qualms with this type of behavior.

Writer, philosopher, and social entrepreneur Brenton Weyi wrote about the three essential types of people you need to have in your life at all times to be amazing. According to his article, “Why Successful People Leave Their Loser Friends Behind in order to be amazing, you’ll need:

  1.  Someone who is older and more successful than you, to learn from;
  2. Someone who is equal to you to exchange ideas with; and
  3. Someone below you to coach and keep you energized.

If you are a leader, independent, self-reliant, and need no validation, being a cool kid that needs to bring someone else down is counterintuitive.  The next time you’re out with your friends ask yourself a couple of questions… Who are you hanging around? Do you want to be amazing? There’s more to life than being cool. Think about it.


Give A Can And Live Klassily

Klassily will be hosting their first cocktail and charity happy hour at Number Nine.

Number Nine will be providing 2 for 1 cocktails and a ravishing mix of music.

100% of the proceeds will go to The Central Union Mission.

About The Central Union Mission, Number Nine and why D.C has so many homeless.

Say it ain’t so: McDonalds retires Dollar Menu

In today’s age of inflation, furloughs, and sequesters, it was just a matter of time before McDonalds would fall victim to the weakening American dollar.

November 4, 2013 marked the launch of McDonalds new “Dollar Menu and More”. Several items have remained a dollar however they are outnumbered by new items such as the double cheese burger and McDouble.

McDonald’s CEO Donald Thompson has said that the new menu “expands on, rather than dismisses, the Dollar Menu.” Klassily says, hold on to your McNuggets; more increases are sure to follow soon.

Here’s a picture of the new menu:


5 things about the ‘Burgh

This past weekend I took a trip to Steeler nation. While in Pittsburgh, I visited a few local shops, dined with friends, and enjoyed the night life. Here are 5 things you need to know before planning your trip.

1. Not a cab town
Contrary to popular belief, all large cities are not cab towns. When traveling to Pittsburgh, make sure you map out where you’re going and how you plan to get there. Conveniences such as Uber, Hailo, and Car2Go are non existent. Tip: If you find a cab you like, get their number; it’ll come in handy when you’re in need of a cab later.
2. House party central
There is a big house party culture here. People tend to host large parties in their homes. With regard to bars and clubs, patrons are allowed to smoke inside so be prepared to smell like an ash tray if you’re going clubbing. Drink prices are reasonable when compared to other large cities. The going rate for a decent vodka and cranberry was about $5.
3. Strangers with candy
Generally speaking, the people of Pittsburgh are eager to help. Whether asking for a brunch destination, a nice spot to shake your tush, or if you’re just into befriending random strangers; you shouldn’t have any problems.
4. Booze
Alcoholics, social drinkers, and everyone else in between; pay attention. The liquor stores are all state owned and operated. You can only buy liquor from 9am-9pm, all of the prices are exactly the same at each store, and you can’t buy liquor on Sundays so get enough Saturday night to last. Many of the restaurants allow you to bring your own booze. Tip: You usually can call ahead to see if the spot you’re headed to offers this option.
5. There’s a lot to do
I wasn’t able to experience all of the ‘Burgh in my short time but my lovely hosts recommended visiting Mt. Washington for great views of the city and checking out the specialty shops for items such as cured meats and cheeses.

Pittsburgh is a cool place to visit. It’s the home of Heinz ketchup, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and RuPaul’s drag race winner Sharon needles. Don’t let the hilly terrain or cold weather deter you, Pittsburgh has a lot to offer.